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Je m'appelle ArielaN, j'ai 20 ans, je suis châtain au yeux Marrons. Je mesure 170cm pour 50Kg et je suis sous le signe du taureau. piercings/tatoos et gros cul.

I am a student, but I really enjoy working here. I love sex! I enjoy you watching me fuck, I enjoy when you watch me cum for others. I LIVE FOR SEX!!!!?? I like hard sex for my pussy, but anal sex is new for me so please be gentle. If you are patient, I will make it an unforgettable experience for you. I am told by many that my deep throat is excellent!! You should see for yourself and tell me what YOU think. I get goosebumps all over my dark and smooth skin when YOu kiss me all over my body. Mmmmmmm My fantasy is to experience sex with another woman. Are you a good candidate for me, or do you know of one??? Tell me.I would also love to have sex in public, with many eyes watching as I climax! I would love that. Help me take pleasure in pleasing you. I would love to try almost anything.... I am a good girl, not naught in bed, so what I do not like is being called a bitch and disrespected. Talk dirty to me, that excites me, however, there are limits. What does it take to make me scream with pleasure? With all of this, it takes clitoral stimulation. I am clitorian there is where you will find my biggest orgasm! I'm not going to fall for a great looking body,but I would definetly die for a good combination between sexyness and intelligence. I love to be in control of your mind and why not of your body also? I think men are phisically strong but they can be easily blown away by a woman's powers. I like soft touches and smooth skin, I like being surprised of a great kiss on my neck while exploring your body through the fabric of your clothes. I am always gonna find it so sexy when a man wears a cap or leather fingerless gloves,crazy right? Not to forget mention about leather jackets too ! I find it hot when it is not only about exploring a naked body but also exploring a great dressing style that a body can expose! All those can lead to perfection in my hot mind when you're also including your gentle manners on the list! I think that being disrespectful to a woman can't be just a huge turn-off for a woman but also a black stain on a man's character. The same I can say about being a pushy and rude one! I also find it as a turn-off when a man lies to impress, I love honesty even if it's not going to be as exciting as a lie,but it would definetly give me a real pleasure... I do find a lot of sexyness on a woman's body,but I hate when a man can see it only in her genital area...there are thousands places that can be appreciated also so don't try to focus on a single one!

J'aime jouer avec mes godes, jouir avec mon vibromasseur, m'enfoncer des boules de geisha, m'amuser avec mes sex-toys, essayer de la lingerie sexy, porter des bas et collants, porter des porte jaretelles, mettre des talons hauts, me déguiser avec des uniformes et lovense.

Mes pratiques sexuelles dans la vie sont de sucer des bites, de lécher la chatte d'une autre, de lécher l'anus d'un mec ou d'une copine, la pénétration anal, la position en levrette, la double pénétration, le fétichisme, de faire des strip tease, de danser pour exciter les homme, de faire l'amour avec des hommes ou des femmes, le branlage de bite avec les pieds et Show Topless.

ArielaN à 20 ans et elle vit en Europe de l'est vient rejoindre cette Européenne de l'est sur la sexy cam de 'eurolive'.

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